Tishbi Winery

The Tishbi Winery, located in Binyamina, is the sixth largest winery in Israel producing around one million bottles of wine per year! The excellent winery tour is a great way to spend a couple hours of the day. It includes visiting the production area, hearing the story of the family history and explanations of the various ways of making wine. When the tour is over the guests will enjoy wine/wine and chocolate tasting including explanations of each high-quality wines.


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Amphorae Winery
A tour of this winery is a great way to spend the day while learning about the place and most importantly, having fun. The tour includes a walk around the wine cellar with special 'backstage' stories of the place and wines. After that, you will receive your table, where a platter of cheese, fruits, nuts and spreads will be served alongside hot home-made bread and four different glasses of wine, each wine with a special story that comes along with it.
Smadar Winery

A boutique winery in the yard of a 130-year-old farm in Zichron Yaacov. The winery produces old-fashioned red wines from vineyards cultivated by the family for 5 generations. Wine tastings can be arranged on site by prior arrangement. 


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Somek Winery

The Somek Winery is located in center of Zichron Yaakov. Go and see, close up, the process of making the wine in a boutique winery from the grape harvest to pouring the wine into the bottles. And of course, when the tour is over, you will receive a special guided wine tasting from the amazing choices of wine that are there.


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