Nature Park and Gardens
Nature Park and Gardens

Take a stroll through the endless treks and attractions, From the beautiful landscaped garden paths with views you will fall in love with enjoy the magical atmosphere and scents of blossoms throughout all seasons. After you finish walking around, have a seat and relax at their charming restaurant with fresh delicious food.


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Havat Habaron

Among the trees, at the entrance of Ramat Hanadiv, is a sweet agricultural farm for the whole family, where you can spend time with your children picking vegetables, spend time in living areas and enjoy the peace and quiet. The farm promotes local crops and sells crops grown in the local greenhouses and farmers in the area. Many more activities like bike treks, the petting zoo is home to goats, donkeys, chickens, and many other farm animals. As well as creative workshops.

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Alona Park – Mei Edem

The Alona Park is an ancient Roman-Byzantine water site. The romans wanted to transfer the water to the city of Caesarea, so they built an impressive water plant that includes a network of canals, tunnels, clay pipes and aqueducts. Indulge in some history of these protected reserves and ancient tunnels which are located next to Caesarea, however, the whole park stretches from Moshav Amikam all the way to Bat Shlomo.


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Stable in Ofer - Horseback riding

Go horseback riding through the beautiful area between the Carmel Forest and the sea. With a variety of spectacular tracks, suitable for all riders from beginners to experts. Suited for families, couples and groups. All the trails take place in the spectacular natural area of the Carmel Forests, with many unforgettable views and tracks.


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Miki Jeep Tours

Miki will take you on the best field trips all over. including a tour of the springs in Ramot Menashe and a tour of the magical beaches of Hof Hacarmel. Picking you up in a SUV and going to explore, for two hours (can be adjusted as needed). Finally, before finishing your trip and coming back you will go to a magical corner where you will sit relax. Includes coffee / tea, light refreshments

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Take a walk with Amir Mendelman

Specializes in trips for people who like to travel and get to know in depth the Israeli history and culture in its various shades. A guide to testimonies and religions throughout the country.


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Tzahala Brosh - Secrets of the Zichron Yaacov Colony
Tzahala Brosh - Secrets of the Zichron Yaacov Colony

A certified guide from Zichron Yaacov, will take you on a special trip following forbidden loves in Zichron. You will find spicy love stories, unfamiliar courtyards and alleys and the possibility to combine wine / beer / sweet desserts and more…

Contact: 052-350-9529


Jeff Winston - Tours in Zichron Yaacov
Jeff Winston - Tours in Zichron Yaacov

Wine enters, secrets exit…

With a taste of the local wines, we will tour the center of the colony and hear the true stories of the picturesque Zichron Yaakov.


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Meir Schwartz - Guided tour
Meir Schwartz - Guided tour

A tour following the Nili underground in Zichron Yaacov - with the guide Meir Schwartz

To find out the secrets of the spy network that operated in the colony, who ran the underground? What does a thousand kisses have to do with you my love? Where did Tobian flee to?



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