Nachman: Nachman Restaurant - a meat smoker
Nachman: Nachman Restaurant - a meat smoker

Situated on the main pedestrian street of zichron, Nachman offers a large selection of smoked meats: pastrami brisket, short ribs, shepondera. All receive special treatment and are smoked with the scent of lemon, olive, apple and jujube trees that are in our garden.

In addition to the regular restaurant menu: Carnivorous table - for friends who love meat and where the eating ritual it is a social event. Perfect gift for good friends

Workshops - Ronen offers experiential workshops for smoking and grilling meat or as he calls it: a meat eating workshop. An experiential and delicious celebration.


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Tishbi Winery Restaurant
Tishbi Winery Restaurant

Tishbi Restaurant, located in the Tishbi Winery Visitor Center complex. Tishbi is a delicious Kosher Dairy restaurant under the direction of Austrian chef Gunter Biderman, With 25 years of experience around the world. In Tishbi, Biderman leads a local cuisine, which uses the best regional and seasonal produce, while using the techniques he brought with him from Europe.

Manuella – Italian
Manuella – Italian

At the beginning of the Midrachov, Manuella will be found. Inviting you to a taste and enjoy Italian hospitality. The dishes are built by Chef Nadav Sharaz, who brings his inspiration from the culinary tradition of classical Italy and adds his own personal touch to each dish. Amazing pastas are made on a daily basis, the raw materials are carefully selected, pizzas are made from pure italian flour and are baked in the large Italian oven in the center of the restaurant. Manuela's menu also places great emphasis on fish, seafood and meat, with seasonal specials changing weekly. The desserts are prepared by confectioner Nitza Sharaz, Nadav's mother.


Days: tues-sun / 13:00-22:30

Phone: 04-629-0249


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Vivino – Italian

Vivino brings the flavors and aromas of traditional and modern Italian cuisine. A beautifully designed restaurant with an open kitchen including a traditional Tabun, and of Corse a warm and welcoming hospitality and atmosphere. The rich menu, signed by Chef Kfir Saban, made with fresh and high-quality ingredients imported from Italy combined with the top local produce. With these, he creates fresh pasta, risotto, veriaty of pizzas, focaccia, fresh fish, succulent meats and plenty of dishes that are vegan and gluten-free.


Days: Sunday to Saturday, hours: 12:00-23:30.

Phone: 04-828-3000


Doris Katzavim - Meat

Doris Butchers was the first restaurant of its kind in the country. From the foot of the Golan Heights, home to the finest cattle herds, comes the perfect meat of Doris Butchers in Zichron Yaacov. Enjoy the fresh, high-quality meat, charming service and a pleasant atmosphere.


Days: Sunday to Saturday

Hours: 12:00-23:00

Phone number: 04-639-7030



Hamayasdim 16 – Meat

A kosher, family-run, small and fine meat restaurant. The restaurant has an open kitchen and at its heart is a unique wood-burning stove that exudes a unique taste and aroma that characterizes the restaurant.

All the raw materials in the restaurant with an emphasis on the meats are of the highest quality and fresh - and therefore our pride. Expect great personal service and a fantastic environment to enjoy your meal.


Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 12: 00-22: 00 | Fridays 11: 30-14: 00 

Phone number: 04-8580-555

For Zamarin guests: a meal for two for NIS 300



Uma Bar – Sushi

Uma Sushi Bar is located in an ancient, warm and cozy building with a perfect atmosphere and a population with a variety of ages. The service is very impressive and the food is delicious and high quality. There is a beautiful and intimate courtyard where you can sit and enjoy the variety of drinks, they have at the bar


Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 12:30-00:00 |
Closed Fridays Saturday 19:00-01:00

Phone: 04-6292-969



Gringos Grill-Latin American

Gringos Grill Bar brings a small taste of real Texan BBQ to the Midrachov where they combine two traditionally made meat - South American and Texan. In the restaurant you will receive excellent service and enjoy tasty food all while you enjoy a friendly Latin enviroment.

Days: Sunday to Saturday
Hours: 12: 00-23: 00

Phone: 04-6555-735

For Zamarin guests: for every meal for two you will receive dessert at the expense of the house and a small bottle of wine


Nili – Italian

A family friendly restaurant that offers a rich and varied menu with options for everyone. All the delicious food you will eat is the craftsmanship of the amazing chefs', and great service from their staff. The warm design and perfect location, on the besutiful pedestrian street of Zichron yaakov makes nili the perfect place to be. 


Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday 08:00-23:00 | Fridays 08:00-14:00 | Saturday 18:30-23:00

Phone: 04-629-2899



The Outback – pub

A real neighborhood pub in the heart of the amazing pedestrian street of Zichron Yaacov. Full of life and music (Mostly plays classical rock music) the outback pub is a great place to get a drink with friends and enjoy the atmosphere.

The Edmond-Pub

The pub and garden are spacious, cozy in a rural neighborhood atmosphere. The beautiful place hosts stand-up evenings, lectures, live performances and open stages for young artists. Run by a family rooted in the Baron Valley, Benjamin Edmund de Rothschild.


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The Hobbit – Pub

In the heart of Zichron Yaacov there is a magical place, a place where anything can happen.

Fine whiskey that goes with a huge variety of beers, rich and pampering cuisine that brings flavors and aromas from the music legends and that takes you on journeys to other provinces. Proud to host The Hobbit Kingdom from 1987 with endless joy and love.


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